GOVERNMENT: Action Plan to Reduce Number of Agencies, Departments and Funds

Arsen-BaukLPJ Issue 132, May 11 2015

The government adopted an action plan and set up a commission for the rationalisation of the state’s network of agencies, institutes, funds and other legal entities with public authorities. The action plan is a part of the implementation of the National Reform Programme for 2015 (See LPJ 130). According to the plan, the number of state agencies will be reduced from 58 to 47 by the end of 2015 with a planned cost savings of approximately €111 million per year.

Due to the need to merge agencies, it will be necessary to amend 11 laws and 10 regulations. During the merger process, the government will take into account that it does not jeopardise the accreditation process for the management of EU funds.

Proposed by: Ministry of Public Administration

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