GOVERNMENT: Action Plan for Green Public Procurement 2015-2017

Mihael Zmajlovic, min. zaštite okoliša i prirodeLPJ Issue 146, 31 August 2015

The government approved the National Action Plan for Green Public Procurement for 2015-2017, with a view on 2020, proposed by the Ministry of Environment and Nature Protection. The plan will be implemented by the ministry and the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund (FZOEU).

The objective is to include some of the criteria of green (i.e. environmentally friendly) public procurement in 50% of procedures by 2020. Such procurement encourages the purchase of green products and services, which have the least negative impact on the environment. These green measures primarily focus on the procurement of copy and printing paper, motor vehicles, office supplies, IT equipment, electricity, telecommunication and mobile telephony services (including devices) and cleaning services.

Proposed by: Ministry of Environmental and Nature Protection

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