GOVERNMENT: 2020 Postal Services Development Strategy and Action Plan

Sinisa  Hajdas Doncic - ministar pomorstva, prometa i infrastruktureLPJ Issue 157, 16 November 2015

The government adopted the strategy that will establish guidelines for the development of postal services through 2020.

The strategy objectives are: ensuring the availability and sustainability of universal services, ensuring the protection of free competition, promoting the interests of all postal services users, encouraging the development of new postal services, provide postal services enabling synergies with communication and transport infrastructure, services and public administration, and compliance with the objectives of the Strategy Europe 2020, EU directives and Universal Postal Union regulations.

The strategy places particular emphasis on the development of e-commerce and reaching the EU average of €260 per year per internet user and €1,234 per year per e-commerce user. It also defines the implementation of a common postal and logistics hub.

The strategy includes the potential privatisation of state-owned Croatian Post (HP), with the conclusion that privatisation is not the best solution until HP implements restructuring and modernisation. Instead, the Strategy proposes the re-capitalisation up to 25% of HP shares in the state-owned Croatia Postal Bank (HPB), which would be used for modernisation and restructuring.

Proposed by: Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure

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