GOVERNMENT: 2015-2020 Strategy for Public Administration Development

Arsen Bauk, ministar upraveLPJ Issue 134, 25 May 2015

The government adopted a strategy that provides a framework for the development of state administration bodies, local and regional government bodies and legal entities with public authorities. The development of public administration will be conducted in three main directions.

The first involves the simplification and modernisation of administrative procedures, ensuring the reliable and fast support of public administration to citizens and economic entities (i.e. businesses) through the implementation of the state e-government programme. The second is the improvement of the development and management of human resources with the aim of creating a modern public service. The third is the reform of the administrative system, in accordance with the best practices and experiences of good governance, according to European standards.

Proposed by: Ministry of Public Administration

Note: The strategy was sent to the Sabor for approval

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