German-Croatian “Task Force“ to Discuss Investment in Croatia

Oreskovic-MerkelLPJ Issue 171, 7 March 2016

On 1 March, Prime Minister (PM) Oreskovic was on an official visit to Germany, where he met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who stressed that the meeting focused on the possibilities of deepening economic relations between the two countries.

To this end, she announced the establishment of a special German-Croatian team, a so-called, “Task force”, that is expected to hold a meeting on 15 March to discuss investment opportunities in Croatia. “I support the reform measures of the new Croatian government. The more transparent the political and economic conditions, the greater the opportunities for investment”, she concluded.

“The main objective of the government is strengthening the economy, creating a favourable investment climate, and improving the standard of living of all Croatian citizens”, said Oreskovic. He added, “in particular, we want to increase investment in infrastructure, energy, tourism, manufacturing and other segments, which will be good not only for Croatia, but for Europe, as a whole”.

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