Executive & Legislative Monitoring

LPJ logo (stari)Vlahovic Group Executive & Legislative Monitoring is Croatia’s leading provider of tailored political intelligence.  Namely, our flagship product, Legislative & Policy Journal, is the number one tool for monitoring legislative and policy-making processes in Croatia.  For more information, visit www.legislative-journal.com.

We help organisations inside and outside of Croatia keep abreast of all developments affecting their activities, projects or initiatives.

Our team of specialists provide:

  • Tailored intelligence
  • In-depth briefings
  • Research
  • Institutional insight
  • Planning tools

Our Briefings and Updates consist of the following sections:

  • A Concise Executive Summary of the Issue
  • Regular Updates From our Policy Team, Sent to You by Email
  • A Detailed and Precise Procedural Timeline Showing Next Steps
  • The Complete Set of Official Documents Making Up the Issue
  • Once a Month, a Status Report on all Developments in this Policy Area