EU ELECTIONS: Centre-Right Coalition Victorious in EU Elections in Croatia

eu_izbori_hdz51-25051426 May 2014, LPJ Croatia Issue 86

According to the final results of the EU parliamentary elections in Croatia, announced by the State Election Commission (DIP) on  26 May, the voter turnout was 25.24%, which is a slight increase from the 20% turnout in 2013.  Also, Croatia is allocated one less EU MP mandate (11) than in 2013.  The results show the centre-right coalition (HDZ-HSS-HSP AS-BUZ-DZS-HDS) winning the 41.42%% of the votes (or 6 of 11 MP mandates); the ruling centre-left coalition (SDP-HNS-IDS-HSU) with 29.93% (4 mandates); and the newly formed greens ORAH (Walnut) party receiving 9.42% (1 mandate).

Therefore, the ruling party coalition’s popular support is continuing to decrease with one less mandate than in 2013 and the leading opposition party coalition continuing to rise in support, once again being rewarded with six mandates.  The surprise of the elections is the popularity of ORAH, which is led by former Environmental Minister and former SDP member Mirela Holy, showing that a significant percentage of the centre-left electorate has also expressed its disatisfaction with the SDP-led ruling government’s state policies.   The biggest losers of the election is the Croatian Labourists Party, which did not achieve the 5% threshold, thereby losing the one MP seat that they succeeded in winning in 2013.  Labourist President and Sabor MP Dragutin Lesar resigned as party president after the results were revealed…

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