EU APPOINTMENTS: Neven Mimica Confirmed as EU Consumer Affairs Commissioner

On 12 June, the European Parliament confirmed the appointment of Neven Mimica (SDP) to the post of EU Commissioner for Consumer Protection with 565 MEPs voting ‘in favour’ of Mimica’s appointment, 64 ‘against’ and 64 abstained. At the same session, MEPs voted against the candidacy of Neven Mates for the European Court of Auditors.

Unlike Mates, Deputy Prime Minister Mimica successfully completed his first round of questioning before the European Parliament’s relevant committees on 4 June. Despite criticism by  European Peoples Party (EPP) MEPs for being diplomatic but vague, the committee agreed that Mimica displayed a thorough knowledge of the consumer policy and readiness to implement it at the EU level. If confirmed by the EU Council, Mimica will become Croatia’s first EU commissioner when the country joins the EU on 1 July. He will remain in the post until the end of the mandate of the current European Commission on 31 October, 2014…

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