EU AFFAIRS: EU Commissioner-Designate Neven Mimica Quizzed by MEPs

On 4 June, EU Commissioner-Designate Deputy Prime Minister Neven Mimica completed his first round of questioning before the European Parliament’s Committees on Consumer Protection and Food Safety. Mimica proposed a strategy focused on “three C’s”: consolidation of the existing consumer protection framework; cooperation amongst member states, relevant NGOs and private partners; and communication between the EU and consumers. During the hearing, Mimica abstained from referring to specific laws, which resulted in criticism from the conservative European Peoples Party (EPP) MEPs for being diplomatic but vague.

Mimica emphasised his commitment to pushing forward proposals currently in the legislative pipeline and he stated he was in favour of a collective redress framework that both respects national jurisdiction and reflects the natural interests of consumers. Other MEPs opined that Mimica was pragmatic about what he will be able to achieve within one year as Croatia’s first EU Commissioner. Overall, the committees agreed that Mr. Mimica displayed a thorough knowledge of the consumer policy and readiness to implement it at the EU level. The Plenary vote on Mr. Mimica’s appointment will take place on June 12, 2013…

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