Economy Ministry Says 113 Investment Projects Currently in the Pipeline

LPJ Issue 166, 1 February 2016

Tomislav Panenic, Minister of Economy (MOST)After being confirmed by the Croatian parliament (i.e. Sabor) (see LPJ 165), the centre-right government, led by Prime Minister (PM) Tihomir Oreskovic, presented their official plan – “Key Policy Guidelines of the Reform Government” – to the Sabor. The 24-page document entails the goals and activities of all 20 ministries.

We will focus on the Ministry of Economy (MINGO), given its importance in this government’s cabinet, continued economic growth and the fact that some concrete statements have already been made in the first week of the new government by the new Economy Minister Tomislav Panenic (MOST).

In the above document, the MINGO’s guidelines cover a variety of policy issues, with special emphasis placed on the energy policy. The ministry commits itself to lessening the tax burden on businesses by reducing fiscal and para-fiscal levies, cutting red tape to fast-track the process of starting a new business, revising the bankruptcy, pre-bankruptcy and liquidation procedures, re-assessing the role of business chambers and entrepreneurial incubators, revising the dividend tax legislation and profit margin tax, etc…

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