E-Croatia 2020 Strategy: €105 Million in EU Co-Financing

AlibegovicLPJ Issue 173, 21 March 2016

Last week, under the 2016 State Budget proposal (pending parliamentary ratification), the Ministry of Public Administration has received a significant boost in funding earmarked for the digitalisation of public administration; namely, the funds were increased from €927,000 to €6 million, which represents a 550% upsurge.

The document suggests the funds will be used for the implementation of ICT solutions into the every-day functioning of the public administration, in order to improve its efficiency in interacting with citizens and private businesses. Notably, one of the projects included in the budget is the “ESF E-Business”, under which some €1.3 million would be spent on establishing a unique platform for communication between the administration and private businesses (similar to the e-Citizen project launched in 2014).

Public Administration Minister Dubravka Jurlina Alibegovic (MOST) has said that digitalisation and improving the IT capacity of the public administration is one of the main goals of the public administration reform. The minister also referred to the e-Croatia 2020 Strategy adopted by the previous centre-left government in 2015, which created a platform for future activities and projects…

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