Dubrovnik Port Authority Awards 40-Year Cruiser Terminal Concession

Port of DubrovnikLPJ Issue 154, 26 October 2015

On 21 October, the Dubrovnik Port Authority (DPA) announced its decision to award a 40-year concession to Dubrovnik International Cruise Port Investment LLC for the construction and subsequent use of their cruiser terminal, which includes a public garage, a trade centre and bus station. The investment is valued at €93 million.

The above Dubrovnik International Cruise Port Investment was established by Global Port Holding and Bouygues Batiment International S.A. Upon constructing the terminal, the concessionaire will manage the loading and unloading of passengers, and all other economic activities accompanying the terminal’s management.

Due to many cultural, historical and natural heritages, the Croatian coast has been attracting boaters, and, more recently, cruise companies and their passengers. Cruising tourism in Croatia is predominately focused on mid-sized ships, while large capacity ships (i.e. cruise ships) dock only in major ports. Regarding cruise traffic, Croatia is the second leading country on the Adriatic Sea after Italy. Cruise tourism traffic mostly occurs in the period May-October (i.e. peak tourist season).

According to the authors Sciozzi, Jugovic and Jugovic (Scientific Journal of Maritime Research, 29, 8-15), in 2014, cruisers in Croatia’s territorial waters performed approximately 1,500 stays, with an average of two day stays at the port…

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