Crodux Plin Enters Croatian Electricity Market

Ivan Čermak, CEO, Crodux PlinLPJ Issue 149, 21 September 2015

On 17 September, the local gas trader Crodux Plin and the Swiss-based Alpiq announced they had formed a partnership to sell electricity on the Croatian market. According to the strategic cooperation agreement signed in mid-September, Alpiq’s role will be to act as a wholesale supplier of electricity to Crodux, which will then deliver the electricity to various clients in Croatia. Alpiq added that Crodux might subsequently expand its business operations to other countries in the region.

“Crodux’s role in this partnership will be to provide a portion of the wholesale delivery of electricity and the entire segment of retail sale of electricity, with Alpiq being the supplier,” said Ivan Cermak, CEO of Crodux. Cermak added the above partnership is a classic form of cooperation between major electricity producers and suppliers on the wholesale/retail electricity market.

Alpiq is a Swiss multinational company that provides services in the fields of energy generation, trading and sales, and power engineering. The company has been present on the local wholesale electricity market for 12 years, and has recently acquired a licence to supply gas in Croatia. They employ over 8,000 persons and, in 2014, they had revenues of €7.4 billion…

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