Croatian Energy Regulatory Agency (HERA) Opens Public Debate on Transmission Network Development Plan 2017-2026

struja_224 October 2016, VG Intelligence Weekly Issue 27

On 17 October, the HERA opened a public consultation on the 10-year Development Plan for Electricity Transmission Network (2017-2026). The plan was developed by Croatian Transmission System Operator (HOPS), the state-owned company authorised to operate and maintain the electricity transmission network, and contains a detailed report for the initial three-year period. Technical characteristics of the transmission network, further investments, energy efficiency measures, and other details are described thoroughly through the 144-page document. The plan is harmonised with the Croatian Energy Development Strategy, Renewable Energy Sources National Action Plan, and other relevant Croatian state strategies and legislation. All interested stakeholders can submit their proposals electronically by 31 October 2016…

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