Croatian Competition Agency (AZTN) Issues Opinion on Security Guard Cost of Labour

aztn_naslov25 July 2016, VG Intelligence Weekly Issue 16

The Ministry of Interior sent a request to the Croatian Competition Agency (AZTN), requesting clarification on the legal ambiguities concerning the new Private Protection Act. Representatives of security guards trade unions proposed to the Ministry of Interior to issue an ordinance defining the minimum cost of labour per hour for security guards, in relation to the minimum wage in Croatia. Therefore, the ministry requested an answer from the AZTN, if such an ordinance would be in accordance to the Market Competition Protection Act. The AZTN stated that regulating wages is not in their purview, and that they cannot intervene in labour relations. However, if the term “minimum cost of labour per hour” indicates service pricing, there might be consequences to market competition. Since the AZTN did not receive the draft of the ordinance, they could only respond to the request generally.

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