Croatia Blocks Bosnia-Herzegovina’s Milk Exports to EU

Tihomir Jakovina2, ministar poljoprivredeLPJ Issue 146, 31 August 2015

Last week, the government submitted their objection to the administrative decision by the European Commission (EC)’s Office for Food and Veterinary (FVO), whereby, from 26 August, four dairy companies from Bosnia-Herzegovina (B-H) were allowed to export heat-treated milk to the EU. Therefore, the EC decision was suspended. The EC delegation in Sarajevo announced that the commission would discuss Croatia’s complaint in mid-September, adding that milk exports from B-H to the EU would be suspended.
Prior to its EU accession in July 2013, Croatia had been the main export market for B-H’s dairy sector, which exported more than 50 million kg of dairy products (almost 95% of total dairy exports) per year to Croatia. From May to July 2015, the FVO accepted B-H’s Action Plan for Monitoring the Production and Processing of Milk and Dairy Products in B-H for Export to the EU. Consequently, on 13 August, the FVO announced a list of four dairy companies (i.e. MilkoS, Meggle, Mljekara Livno and Milijekoprodukt) that would be allowed to export their products to the EU. The EC office stated the companies met the necessary production and sanitation standards…

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