Croatia 51st on Transparency International Corruption List

Davorka Budimir, President, Transparency International CroatiaLPJ Issue 166, 1 February 2016

On a scale of 168 countries and territories, Croatia ranks 51st with 50 out of 100 points in the Corruption Perception Index 2015, issued by Transparency International (TI), a global non-government organisation leading the fight against corruption.

President of TI Croatia Davorka Budimir said that Croatia improved its score by three points and has crossed the threshold of 50 points, bringing it among the ranks of less corrupt countries. The Corruption Perceptions Index measures the perceived level of public sector corruption across the world on a scale of 0 (highly corrupt) to 100 (very clean).

The countries with the least perceived level of corruption are Denmark (91), Finland (90), Sweden (89), New Zealand (88) and the Netherlands (87), while those perceived the most corrupt are South Sudan (15), Sudan (12), Afghanistan (11), North Korea (8) and Somalia (8).

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