CONNECTING EUROPE FACILITY: Croatia to Receive €306 Million for 12
Transport Projects

cef25 July 2016, VG Intelligence Weekly Issue 16

The Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure (MPPI) received a formal approval from the EU for €306.9 million in EU co-financing, under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) for 12 approved transport projects. The lion’s share of the funding (i.e. €241.3 million) is earmarked for the Krizevci-Koprivnica Hungarian Border railway project. The CEF is a relatively new financial instrument for the 2014-2020 financial period. It supports the development of high performing, sustainable and efficiently interconnected trans-European networks in the fields of transport, energy and digital services (telecommunications). CEF investments fill the missing links in Europe’s energy, transport and digital network. It is worth noting that the CEF provides funding only for projects that have a cross-border dimension. In addition to grants, the CEF offers financial support to projects through innovative financial instruments such as guarantees and project bonds. Call for proposals are published separately for projects in the areas of transport, energy and telecoms.

In June, the European Commission (EC) published the results of the second CEF for Transport call for proposals, whereby 195 projects worth €6.7 million were approved across the EU. Croatia applied 17 projects; 12 projects valued at €309.6 million were approved. As a result, Croatia has used up roughly 67% of its national envelop for transport in the CEF financing period 2014-2020, which totals €456 million…

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