COMMENTARY: Future of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce

Due to the recent arrest of Nadan Vidosevic, long-time President of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce (HGK), on charges of embezzling millions from the national chamber, the HGK is presently going through a catharsis of how restructure the organisation, in order to prevent such systematic abuse of the chamber system and organisation.

However, given that the HGK General Assembly chose to appoint Assistant Economy Minister Ms. Sabina Skrtic as the interim President, it is difficult to expect that the chamber system will change very much, meaning that its systematic fault of being prone to governmental influence will not change, as opposed to restructuring its organisation structure such that it becomes a truly value-added business service to its business members.

As a semi-governmental association, since the HGK’s membership, and hence revenue, is dependent upon the government’s willingness to retain the chamber’s legislatively mandated obligatory membership, the HGK has developed into a large inefficient business association that is more susceptible to government influence and manipulation of resources by its leadership structure…

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