COMMENTARY: Croatia’s Operational Programmes (2014-2020)

On 26 November, the Croatian Ministry of Regional Development and European Union (EU) Funds presented their operational programmes for 2013. The ministry also published their “consultation document” for the operational programmes that cover 2014-2020 period. The public debate for these operational programmes is open until 20 January 2014.

During February 2014 and after the public debate, the ministry will forward the government’s operational programmes to the European Commission (EC) for review.  After the EC’s review, the programmes are expected to be on the government cabinet’s agenda for approval in May 2014.

The finalised operational programmes are a prerequisite for any project to qualify for co-financing from EU Structural and Cohesion funding. The said time-table indicates that Croatia may not be in a position to “jump start” its economic activity through EU-funded projects at least through Q1/Q2 2014.  During this five months period  businesses, institutions and other interested parties will be able to influence the contents of Croatia’s EU operational programmes, either through the public debate process or through advocacy initiatives at the EU/EC level…

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