COMMENTARY: Croatian Transport Strategy 2014 -2030

hajdas7 July 2014, LPJ Croatia Issue 92

The Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure opened the public debate on the Croatian transport strategy that defines the development goals and priorities for investment in  the transport infrastructure by 2030.

The existing national transport strategy is from 1999 and does not correspond to the current situation because Croatia entered the EU, officially becoming a part of the European TEN-T network. The adoption of the new strategy is also one of the prerequisites (Ex-ante condition) of the European Commission for co-financing from EU funds for the period 2014-2020.

The overall objective of the strategy is to achieve an efficient and sustainable transport system, taking into account the new role of the country after joining the EU. The strategy defines five functional regions with their own specific goals and measures of development. The regions include the following; Central Croatia, Eastern Croatia, Northern Adriatic, Northern/Central Dalmatia and South Dalmatia. The strategy covers six modes of transport: road, rail, air, maritime, inland waterways and public urban, suburban and regional mobility…

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