COMMENTARY: Croatia Open to Russian and Chinese Strategic Investment – Possible Foreign Policy Repercussions

17 February 2014, LPJ Croatia Issue 72

As Croatia enters its sixth year of economic recession, it is logical that the Croatian government is open to all legitimate sources of investment to spark economic development and growth.  Croatia is also by no means an exception in trying to attract the very wealthy investors from China and Russia.

However, as the newest EU member state, such negotiations and investments need to be carefully considered, taking into account Croatia’s international obligations towards the EU, NATO, UN, etc.

Therefore, it is these international (often-times foreign policy) obligations that cause countries to carefully consider economic cooperation with states that could cause various negative repercussions with traditional allies, in order to avoid causing more harm than good.

Given that the Croatian government via their various ministries are seriously considering Chinese and Russian investors (and by proxy the Chinese and Russian governments) as investors for strategic infrastructure projects and strategic industries (i.e. Port of Rijeka, INA, Croatia Airlines)…

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