COMMENTARY: Croatia at the Epicentre of EU/US Response to Russian Agression in Ukraine

bro231 March 2014, LPJ Croatia Issue 78

After the recent aggressive secession of the Crimea peninsula from Ukraine supported by Russia and the Russian military, the European Union and the United States have made diplomatic protests, have not recognised the secession referendum, and have imposed sanctions upon individual Russian international businessmen and companies.

The conflict has also brought to the forefront Europe’s dependency upon Russian oil and natural gas for its energy needs, and has resulted in the EU and US to re-evaluate their energy needs in the short and long-term, whereby the EU can significantly diversify its energy supply sources and, thereby, significantly reduce its dependency on Russian oil and gas.  Croatia once again in its history finds itself at the epicentre of conflicting global powers, providing an avenue for the future mid to long-term solution for diversifying central and eastern Europe’s energy supplies…

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