Centre-Right HDZ Relative Victors – No Clear Coalition to Form New Government

andrej-plenkovic-477298e95edd32f1b0473eea305e5e10_view_article_new12 September 2016, VG Intelligence Weekly Issue 21

In November 2015, Croatia held regular parliamentary elections, which resulted in the formation of a centre-right coalition between the relative victor in the elections, the centre-right “Patriotic Coalition”, led by the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) and a new political party of independents, the Bridge of Independent Lists (MOST).  After six months in office, the coalition collapsed, due to serious disagreements between the two partners, specifically between the parties’ two presidents, Bozo Petrov (MOST) and Tomislav Karamarko (HDZ).  The collapse resulted in a new leadership within the HDZ, with the moderate MEP Andrej Plenkovic taking over the party leadership, in lieu of yesterday’s 9th parliamentary elections in Croatia.

The HDZ presently leads with 61 MP seats (including the two seats from the Diaspora), while the “People’s Coalition” receives 54 seats in the Sabor. The MOST receives 12 parliamentary seats, followed by Zivi Zid with 8 seats and the Istrian Democratic Union (IDS) with 4 seats.  Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandic’s coalition, which he named the “Coalition for Prime Minister”, receives 2 seats and the Croatian Democratic Alliance of Slavonia and Baranja (HDSSB) won one seat…

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