Centre-Right Coalition Relative Winner with MOST New Political Power and “Kingmaker”

Tomislav Karamarko (HDZ)LPJ Issue 156, 9 November 2015

According to preliminary results from the State Electoral Commission (DIP), the 8th parliamentary elections in Croatia resulted in a victory by centre-right “Patriotic Coalition”, led by the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ), over the centre-left “Croatia is Growing” coalition, led by the Social Democratic Party (SDP), headed by current PM Zoran Milanovic.

Preliminary results, with over 99% of the votes counted by the DIP, gave the “Patriotic Coalition” 59 seats (including the three seats from the Diaspora), while the “Croatia is Growing” coalition received 56 seats in the Sabor. The Bridge of Independent Lists (MOST) received 19 parliamentary seats, followed by the Istrian Democratic Union (IDS) with three seats. The “Milan Bandic 365” and the “Successful Croatia” coalitions both received two seats in the parliament, while the “Human Shiled” and the “Croatian Democratic Alliance of Slavonia and Baranja” (HDSSB) each won one parliamentary seat.

The 11th electoral district is comprised of eight seats reserved for ethnic minorities and the 12th district reserves three seats for Croatian citizens abroad (i.e. Diaspora) who traditionally vote for the HDZ.

The surprise of the electoral night was the success of the MOST, led by young incumbent Mayor of the southern Croatian City of Metkovic, Bozo Petrov. Given that 76 seats are required for a majority in the Sabor, which is needed to form a new government, both pre-election blocks will require to form a post-election coalition with MOST likely playing the role of the “Kingmaker”…

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