Brussels Panel Discussion: “Croatia 2020: Steps to a Successful EU Presidency & Beyond”

Vlahovic Group, together with the Croatia-EU Business Council, organized a panel discussion in Brussels which brought together representatives of the private sector, as well as EU institutions, to address some of the questions surrounding Croatia’s preparedness for its inaugural presidency over the Council of the EU in January 2020.

Although it seems to be far ahead, Croatia’s trio (set up of Romania and Finland) kicks off in January 2019, and Member States’ experience has shown that it roughly takes two and a half years for a country to prepare for the presidency, seen in Brussels as a rite of passage.

One of the panelists, Ambassador and Deputy Permanent Representative at the Croatian Representation in Brussels, Mr Goran Stefanic, drew attention to the fact that Croatia will be the first of the trio to preside over the Council following the 2019 European elections.

The overall conclusion of the event was that by managing the process properly, Croatia can only benefit from its presidency over the Council of the EU, especially when it comes to strengthening its role in Brussels, rejuvenating the state administration and promoting Croatian companies on EU markets.