BRUSSELS ADVOCACY: First Croatian EU Lobby Group to Launch in April

Elections for the European Parliament (14 April) is a pertinent time to launch the first Croatian business lobby group that will operate in Brussels. The Croatia EU Business Council (CEUBC) will represent an independent CEO-level forum for Croatian and EU business leaders that is being set up in order to promote trade development and investment between Croatia and the EU.

The CEUBC will assist companies to develop business opportunities, promote dialogue with EU institutions and provide strategic information about policies, projects and other critical issues affecting business community in Croatia.  The CEUBC will advocate for the fair and non-discriminatory treatment of Croatian and European companies and work to promote policies that will encourage them to establish Croatian operations, increase employment and boost economic growth.

The CEUBC will have a three-part mandate: to educate the public and policy makers about the positive role Croatian companies play in the European economy and vice versa, to ensure Croatian/EU companies are not discriminated against in Brussels or Zagreb and provide peer-to-peer forums on issues unique to Croatia/EU companies.  This initiative is being organised by Natko Vlahovic, Founder and Managing Director of Vlahovic Group, together with his team of associates in Zagreb and Brussels.

Members of the CEUBC will be companies interested to have an extended arm in Brussels; the CEUBC will provide office and staff to help navigate their interests. When a company becomes a member of the CEUBC, it will become part of an exclusive organisation representing the unique interests of Croatian and European companies (or their subsidiaries).

The CEUBC will be the only organisation dedicated to educating policy makers and the public about the positive role European companies play in the Croatian economy and vice versa. Each founding member will automatically become a CEUBC board member and entitled to a full service member package, including Brussels office access, staff, customised newsletter, basic research and contact management services.

Some of the policy areas addressed by the CEUBC will include: energy, EU funding, taxation, transport, tourism, chemicals, agriculture and food processing, media, education, banking, finance and environment.  Public presentation of the CEUBC will be organised at the end of April. Only those companies and organisations expressing an interest will be invited…

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