AZTN: Fines Gaming/Betting Shop Cartel

Mladen Cerovac, AZTNLPJ Issue 166, 1 February 2016

AZTN established that the betting shops Bolus, Favorit sportska kladionica, Germania Sport, Prva sportska kladionica and Super Sport, active in the gaming sector, entered into a prohibited cartel arrangement and fined them a total of €1,266,000.

The undertakings fixed the level of the bookmaker commission fee, during a meeting of the Association of Pool Betting Shops in early 2014. This agreement constitutes an infringement of competition rules.

Taking into account the gravity of the infringement, the level of the imposed fine is meant to have a preventive effect on the participating undertakings and a deterrent effect to keep other undertakings from any similar infringements of the competition law.

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