AZTN: Accepts Orion Commitments

Mladen Cerovac, AZTNLPJ Issue 146, 29 August 2015

The AZTN accepted the commitments made by the undertaking Orion that will redress competition concerns and restore normal competitive conditions in the resale of pyrotechnic products. Orion made the commitments at its own initiative. Namely, the AZTN opened ex officio proceeding, following the initiative made by the undertakings Jorge Pyrotechnics and Weco Pyrotechnics.

Shortly after the proceeding was opened, Orion proposed concrete remedies to eliminate competition concerns. In other words, it proposed the revision of the disputable lease and business cooperation agreements without delay, so as to enable the lessors to sell pyrotechnic products from Orion, but also from other suppliers on the same business premises. The AZTN found the commitments involving the removal of the disputable provisions sufficient and adequate to restore competition in the market and, therefore, ordered Orion to comply with the said measures until 15 December 2015.

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