AZTN Accepts 2nd Report by Monitoring Trustee in HT/Optima Case

Mladen Cerovac, Council President, AZTNLPJ Issue 160, 7 December 2015

The second report drafted by Ernst & Young – trustee monitoring the remedies implementation, under the conditionally approved concentration between the undertakings Croatia Telekom (HT) and Optima Telekom – has been accepted by the AZTN.

Regarding the commitments to the management of Optima assets, the trustee found that, in respect of certain services, such as public voice telephony, there has been a decrease in revenue and the number of users, compared to the initial data. However, there has been a global downfall trend in the market.

Therefore, no significant change in Optima market share has been recorded. In respect to Optima infrastructure, the trustee found that the indicators were stable until Q2 2014. However, afterwards, there was a decrease in the number of telephone connections.

Considering the commitment undertaken by HT not to sell Optima resale outlets, the trustee checked the list of indirect business partners of Optima and found that the number of partners increased, which is regarded as a positive trend. The trustee concluded that the service users are adequately informed that Optima is a member of HT group.

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