Government Relations

We use our established network to interact with government officials and institutions on both international and local levels. We provide insider analysis and support regarding government processes, decisions, legislation and proposed legislation.

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Legislative & Regulatory Affairs

We advocate for our clients’ objectives. Our campaigns can be either long term or short term depending on the complexity of the client’s issues.

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Policy Analysis

We keep you on the cutting edge of policy and issue development by providing legislative, regulatory and political intelligence that goes deeper than media headlines. Many decisions are made and deals struck behind the scenes before the debate even enters the public domain.

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EU Advocacy

We advise our clients in developing and implementing advocacy campaigns at EU level. Our team accompanies them by providing strategic input, coverage of crucial developments and assistance for meetings with key decision-makers.

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The Founder

  • Natko Vlahović

    For more than 15 years, Natko Vlahovic has worked closely with governments, parliaments, international institutions, regulatory agencies and investment and trade community to promote specific goals, ideas and projects. Whether in Zagreb, Washington or Brussels, Natko has always maintained an honest interest in people and their businesses and has learned to appreciate a long-lasting friendships. In 2005, Natko was the first Croatian trade representative to register as a lobbyist at the European Parliament.

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